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Every friday morning the carts of Osim Sameach are specially full and look so delicious. People can’t believe what they see when the yellow T-shirts get closer and they are surrounded by all kinds of cakes. Vanilla, chocolate, coconut, apple, dates, cinnamon, honey… Whoa! Any flavour you can think about.
But how did all that get there?
On Thursday every Jewish woman in Jerusalem is cooking delicious meals for shabbos. But among them there are some very special women that instead of baking a cake for their family, they bake two: one for themselves and one for Osim Sameach. At night our volunteers go to every single one of their homes to pick up the delicious cakes and bring them to the hospital.
And then on Friday morning, other volunteers come to distribute them. They fill tray after tray, cart after cart. The amount of cakes is so big! They visit the patients and lift their spirits, make smiles flourish on their faces and leave them with the most delicious breakfast.
But there are so many cakes that we also have enough for Saturday. In shabbat morning we have more volunteers who live nearby and come to give a peaceful and beautiful shabbos environment to the patients. They fill the carts with more cakes and grape juice to male kiddush and give people the most amazing shabbat morning possible.
Families and volunteers, all of us together, bring happiness and sweetness, strength and lots of flavor to the hospital to enlighten the patient’s days.

These are currently our monthly expenses for this project:

Trays: $11
Napkins: $56
Plates: $60
Tablecloths: $18
Other expenses: $55