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Music is powerful, extremely powerful. It can change lives, feelings; it can change moods and states of minds. We know that music can make such a great impact that we bring the very best of it to the hospitals.
Silence is broken in the corridors when our volunteer get closer. Their guitars, trumpets, drums, pianos and other instruments accompanied by our volunteer’s beautiful voices bring the most beautiful environment to the patients. Room by room, song by song, smiles start to flourish and claps are heard everywhere. Voices start to raise and people start to sing together with Osim Sameach’s volunteers. Slowly they start holding hands and making a dancing circle.
As the music fills the hospital, there’s no more room for boredom, tiredness or despair. There’s room only for happiness, uplifting words and courage. Courage to be there for each other always, courage to smile even during hard times. Courage to sing instead of crying, courage to dance even if it hurts.
And sometimes, to give even a greater surprise to the patients, we bring singers. YES! Those you would run to get a picture with. They put on the yellow T-shirts and come to make people enlighten people’s days with their beautiful voices.

These are currently our monthly expenses for this project:

Guitar: $340
Drums: $90
Clarinet: $400
Trumpet: $455
Percussion: $115