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Think about how many people suddenly find themselves in the Emergency room on Fridays. They probably don’t even have anything with them, why would they stay in hospital for shabbos?
Or a Friday night, a Saturday morning. Do they even think about taking food with them to have a proper meal?
Don’t people in Emergency Room deserve a shabbat meal just like anyone else? And Osim Sameach’s answer is YES. Yes they do. Not because their stay at the hospital was unplanned they should be left with whatever there is.
We say YES when volunteers come late at Thursday night to prepare the most delicious cucumber salads, the perfectly spicy matbucha and that egg salad everyone loves.
We say YES when we finish preparing at 4am on Friday morning, having spent there the whole night.
We say YES when we receive those freshly baked challos ready to be given out.
We say YES when the carts are full of shabbos food, full of love, full of care.
And we say YES when the incredulous patients ask if all the food that we left in the ER kitchen is for them to take.
We say YES, we care. YES, we love. YES, we’re here for you.

These are currently our expenses for this project:

Disposables: $1130
Disposable Trays: $136
Drinks: $136
Wine: $70
Bread: $228