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Who doesn’t like pizza? That delicious triangle with sweet tomato sauce and soft cheese?
It’s amazing how only one delicious slice can put a smile in anyone’s face. Even mine and yours!
Imagine how it would be to be lying in a hospital bed and suddenly you hear a cart getting closer to your room. Oh! That smells like pizza! But how would you have pizza in a hospital? And again, the answer is Osim Sameach.
In the exact moment you were beginning to think that the pizza was for someone else, a few neon yellow T-shirts comes into your room and hand you one delicious slice.
The volunteers leave your room but they also stay there. Their smiles stay there. Their love stays there. The pizza and the delicious smell stay there.
As they go from room to room, they leave a path. I’s a path of sauce and cheese, a path of love and happiness. It’s a path of new smiles and renewed hope.

These are currently our monthly expenses for this project:

Pizza: $700
Napkins: $15
Plates: $10
Tablecloths: $10