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Imagination has the power to take us wherever we want. Out volunteers take everything needed to make the children’s imagination fly and reach far. The carts are filled with all kinds of sheets of paper, brushes, paint, markers, pens, ribbons and stickers.
Yellow T-shirts appear on the children’s section on the hospitals and colour starts filling the day. Kids that were lying on their beds sit up and others leave their rooms and go to the lobby. The products of their imagination are shown in the sheets of papers that are nor white anymore. They are full of colour, full of fun, full of love and joy.
They make drawing after drawing trying out all the material we brought for them. They proudly show their parents their artworks, huge smiles on their faces.
When the volunteers leave, the walls of the rooms are not empty anymore but rather an explosion of colour and fun. The kids are happy and feel a bit more of love in those foreign rooms.

These are currently our monthly expenses for this project:
Paint: $22
Brushes: $6
Sheets: $6
Markers: $17
Pencils: $23
Ribbons: $6
Erasers: $4
Sharpeners: $4
Glue: $6
Scissors: $4
Colored Paper: $12
Pens: $23
Pencil Cases: $3
Boxes: $5
Tablecloths: $10