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Imagine how it would feel the warmth of a hot cup of coffee in your hands after spending the night next to your loved one in hospital. Imagine how it would feel the sweet taste of sugared tea while waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis in the Emergency room. Imagine how it would feel a refreshing cup of chocolate milk after hours of sitting next to a patient, seeing doctors and nurses come and go?
The volunteers of Osim Sameach distribute all around the hospitals coffee, tea and chocolate milk. They not only give out the warmth of those hot drinks but also the warmth of embracement and concern for others.
They make each cup as every patient likes it.
“Should I add more milk? Do you like it with sugar?” are the so much asked questions. And this shows that we care. We care so much that we prepare each person the coffee with as much milk as they like, we offer sugar and sweetener so that everyone will have what they prefer. You can add 1; 2; 3 spoons of cacao or make your own mocha.
We care so much that we want you to choose. We want you to choose what will be your first drink early in the morning or your last one late at night. We want to make you a bit happier and your stay at the hospital a bit less of a pain.
We want to smile to you, to make you feel loved and to give you through those cups the warmth we have towards you in our hearts.

These are currently our expenses for this project:

Coffee: $17
Tea: $10
Sweetener: $10
Sugar: $5
Cocoa: $15
Milk: $70
Chocolate Milk: $285
Cups: $50
Spoons: $30
Candies: $50
Chocolate: $100
Tablecloths: $10
Thermos: $10
Jars: $8