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What kid doesn’t like parties? Who doesn’t like singing and dancing? Who would pass on an opportunity to have popcorn, ice cream, snacks or cotton candy? Who wouldn’t pay to watch a show of jugglers?
Every year for different chagim we have amazing parties for ill or specially-needed children. They have the most wonderful time having fun with the volunteers and friends who give their all to make them happy. Their smiles are indescribable. How happy they are when they get a cup of ice cream and how excited they are for a bag of popcorn. Their eyes show only amazement as they can’t unstick their eyes from the jugglers. They don’t want to leave the microphone, just sing more and more. They jump and dance nonstop. They are so, so happy!
And when they return home, they are completely different. They had fun and enjoyed themselves so much that they will forever want to come back.

Our expenses for each party are different. For each one we bring drinks, all kinds of food, snacks and candies, costumes, entertainment and much more. So feel free to donate whatever amount you want!