Frequently Asked Questions

The days and times depend on the hospital you want to volunteer in. We have groups at all times and days, including Shabat.

If you mean regarding medical knowledge, no. Our only requirements are being 15 years old or above and having lots of love for others.

You can come just once, of course. But we assure you that you’ll fall in love with the program and come many more times.

No, you don’t. We believe that a smile says much more than words. And you will most likely be able to communicate with people since many speak other languages too.

We never mix boys and girls. Therefore we have different groups at different times, but not specific days for each. 

We always have groups, they can be of 2 people or more. You can either join one of our steady groups or schedule a day and bring your friends to have a special program.

That’s amazing! First of all, you can always help found our program with a donation. Secondly, we usually need help with lots of things that can be managed from different places. Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to have you as a long-distance volunteer!

The organization follows the laws of the Torah. Therefore everything is kosher, all volunteering programs held during shabbat are permitted and we have separate groups for boys and girls. This doesn’t mean that all our volunteers are Orthodox or have to be. We are more than happy to welcome anyone who wants to join.

Yes, of course! Everything we do is approved by the hospital staff. We stick to every hospital’s rules.

Sadly, not yet. But we’re certainly getting there. Our activities differ from place to place because we depend on the hospital’s regulations, volunteers disponibility and founding. So far our strongest point is Shaare Zedek but we are always growing.

For a long time family, friends and acquaintances supported us and helped us grow in our mission. Now the organization is too big and founds have to keep growing with it! We would love help of any kind!