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Yes, we have a cart designed specially to make ill children happy!
Imagine being a little child lying in a hospital bed and suddenly a group of volunteers comes and tells you that in the lobby there is a huge cart with all kinds of traits, something you haven’t seen even outside of the hospital! You take their hand and follow them. Step by step you get to the lobby and there you see it: the huge multi colored rainbow, the yellow T-shirts and the huge smiles. You smell the amazing smell of popcorn as you are handed one big yellow cup full of them. You get closer and see that you can also have a crepe and choose the flavour: chocolate, caramel, maple… Should you add powdered sugar or chocolate chips?
Oh! The waffles look so delicious! So much cream and colored chips! Should you take that or a cotton candy? So white and spongy, so sweet and soft. You can actually take them all! You can take as much as it makes you happy, you can stay with us to see how we do it and play with the cart.
You then return to your room in a completely different mood that you were before. Now you don’t feel the pain, you feel the warmth of the chocolate, the sweetness of the sugar. You feel the happiness of the volunteers and the smile that flourished in your face.

These are currently our monthly expenses for this project:

Corn: $40
Butter Salt: $6
Oil: $20
Popcorn Cups: $320
Sugar: $18
Sticks: $45
Crepes Flour: $180
Crepe Cartons: $90
Waffle Flour: $180
Cream: $40
Nitrogen: $35
Syrup (3): $80
Chocolate Chips (3): $80
Kitchen Utensils: $75
Other expenses: $63