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Our volunteers go to the Children’s section of the hospital with a very big red box in the shape of a heart. They approach the kids and… Whoa! They can’t believe it! It’s their dream made true!
Inside that box there’s lots and lots of candies and snacks. Anything you can think of! Bambas, chocolate, lollipops, bisli, pretzels, marshmallows and many, many more!
The kids can’t believe their eyes, they are completely shocked. Shy smiles appears on their faces as they are encouraged to take as much as they want!
They happily and proudly show their parents what they got. The biggest of smiles on their faces!
We go through all the sections with a heart-box full of candies and a heart full of love. We distribute sweetness and happiness, colour and fun. We live the kids prizes for standing through the pain and wishes for a complete and speedy recuperation.

These are currently our monthly expenses for this project:

Bamba: $25
Krembo: $35
Bisli: $40
Pretzels: $35
Klick: $50
Pesek Zman: $25
Apropo: $40
Kif Kef: $25
Mekupelet: $25
Yumi: $32
Marshmallow: $25
Potato Chips: $46
Dorito’s: $30
Cheetos: $40
Wafers: $25
Drinks: $80
Boxes: $12