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Life is all about happiness and enjoying and appreciating every moment. And when things are painful, what can be better than thanking for the little things we have?
When ill people go through treatment or surgery and it goes well, we want to celebrate with them. We want to be close to them also in the good moments!
As soon as we receive the news that BH everything’s fine, we put on our T-shirts, take our instruments, buy snacks and drinks and make our way to the patient’s house. That’s the recipe for the best thanksgiving party ever! All the house fills with happiness and thankfulness, song and dance as we celebrate life.
But there are other moments to celebrate too. Every year we have a birthday! That special day is one of renewed energy and expectation to know what this new year is going to bring. So we celebrate one more year of life and wish for many more times. We renew their hopes and expect for better and happier times to come soon. We not only wish them a happy birthday but a happy life and a speedy recovery.

Our expenses for each party are different. For each one we bring drinks, all kinds of food, snacks and candies, costumes, entertainment and much more. So feel free to donate whatever amount you want!