Baked Goods and Sandwiches

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Think about all those people who left their houses in a rush to take their loved ones in pain to the hospital. Or about those same patients who have spent hours with no end on a hospital bed in the very crowded Emergency room waiting for the doctors to give them a diagnosis. They probably skipped at least one meal or more and don’t even think about how hungry they are.
And there come the volunteers of Osim Sameach, with their yellow T-shirts and huge carts full of baked goods, their shiny smiles and hearts full of love. They not only distribute delicious bourekas, rougalech, croissants and pizza rolls among others, but also hope, security and warmth. They give out what others didn’t even think they needed but suddenly realize they do. They answer “amen” to the brachos of the patients and wish them a “refuah shlema”.
They make rounds also all around the hospital, spreading happiness and taking away pain. As the carts quickly empty, the hospital fills. It fills of love, of care, of joy. It fills with a rainbow of flavors, there’s for every taste. And it fills with a path of crumbs, that same path we want to help them walk on their way home, fully recovered.

These are currently our expenses for this project:

Trays: $11
Napkins: $56
Plates: $60
Tablecloths: $18
Other expenses: $55

TOTAL: $200