About us

Hi! I am Osim Sameach, and I would love to tell you a bit of who I am.
My goal is to make ill people happy, and for that I have many ways. All the projects that were founded under my name (that you can read more about in the “Projects” section) are meant to enlighten the face on anyone in pain.

I turn cries of sadness and despair into cries of joy and hope.
I make smiles flourish in shadowed faces.
I bring company to the lonely and happiness to the saddened.
I bring light and take away pain.

I gather people from all around the globe, people who have the same will in life: giving. This people are usually groups of boys or girls who come to volunteer in 12 hospitals around Israel. They work tirelessly seven days a week, 365 days a year to make people’s lives a bit better.

You might be wondering, why is Osim Sameach unique? Why should I become a partner in their activities?

Well, first of all here YOU SEE IT. You see the effect of your actions, you see the smiles of the people, you see the change you make.

On the other hand, we encompass many different projects no other organization does. We have carts of traits for the children and adults, we sing and play, we make parties, we give out food for shabbos and many, many more other activities.

We also work all around Israel and reach all around the globe, so you don’t have to go very far away.

And last but most important, because WE CARE. We truly care about our fellow, we are there for them. We pay attention to the details, those that make the difference. Those that make them feel loved and cared about. (For example, how would you feel if instead of receiving popcorn in a regular cup, you received it in a popcorn one? Or if instead of being handed a slice of cake in a plain white napkin, it was a red-polka-dotted one?)

WE NEED YOU. You can also help me and the volunteers bring more happiness to the world. So, what are you waiting for?

Our story

He woke up in a hospital bed hearing his mother’s cry of “David, please open your eyes. Please, open your eyes…” His efforts to remember were fruitless; he was told that he had miraculously survived a car accident in the Golan Heights where a few had been killed. He had been unconscious for about 8 hours during which he had been taken to a hospital in Tzfat and undergone a small surgery.

He layed in bed in hospital for a long time and even though his friends and family usually went to visit and his mother was always by his side, the days passed slowly and extremely boringly. The tasteless food of the hospital wasn’t of much help either. His mood during that hard time was not the best one, he felt lonely, sad and although thankful to be alive, not very happy with his situation. That was when he decided that when he recovered he would make sure to provide other patients with what he hadn’t had.

Years passed and he was able to learn from his own difficult time and use it for better.  Some time after he recuperated he started to go to Shaare Zedek with his friends to play and sing to the sick. His dream was always to open an organization, but it was only a dream back then. His visits to the hospital became more often and more of his friends offered to volunteer, but his need to give was not yet fulfilled. He became a paramedic for Magen David Adom as his fear of opening an organization started to fade away.
One night, he was playing some songs to a sick man with his friends. The patient was so happy to have them there that he started to ask them questions:
“Are you an organization?” he asked David.
“No, we are not yet.” was the answer.
“Oh. You might not be an organization, but you definitely make us happy.”
(In Hebrew: “Ulay atem lo irgun abal atem osim sameach” “אולי אתם לא ארגון אבל אתם עושים שמח”)
And that was when I was born.
David decided to call me exactly that, Osim Sameach. He made yellow neon T-shirts with my logo and began creating more and more projects under my name. Donations started to come through and different hospitals opened their doors to me. Volunteers from all over the world joined us and fell in love with me, coming more often. Patients asked for me and expected to see my carts again the next day. Doctors knew me and how much better the patients were when I was around. In a nutshell: I shined.

Now not only I want to grow, everyone wants me to grow. I want to open my wings, to make more people happy, to bring every one of my projects to all the hospitals and make even more projects and larger groups of steady volunteers. Join me and the many others that help us make a better world, join me with whatever you can help me. Join me, I’ll be more than happy to open my doors to you just like so many people opened their hearts to me.